Kiev Arrests Russian State News Director Over 'Information War' Against Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine cracks down on Russian news agency detains editor

Evgeny Biyatov Sputnik

The Ukrainian government is wary of Russian media and entertainment, accusing Moscow of distributing disinformation aimed at sowing tension and destabilizing the country.

According to earlier reports, representatives of the Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the SBU on Tuesday raided the Kyiv offices of the RIA Novosti news agency.

She said that more details would be made public later. It is something that includes global human rights law. "We hope that the government takes those actions very seriously", she said. "So we do understand Ukraine's concerns about that".

New York, May 15, 2018-The Committee to Protect Journalists today expressed concern over the Ukraine Security Service's (SBU) search of the Kiev office of the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti and detention of the office director, Kirill Vyshynsky.

The CPJ was not able to locate Vyshynsky and find out whether he had been formally charged, the release said. "We will act competently but certainly ballsy and maximally defend the interests of the Russian mass media", Peskov said.

"The SBU Security Service of Ukraine informs that Kirill Vyshinsky, the head of the anti-Ukrainian propagandist media organization RIA Novosti Ukraine, has been notified of charges with committing a crime and detained under Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine". Nearly immediately, the agency's headquarters, its press center and homes of some of the employees were searched.

RIA Novosti deputy editor-in-chief, Dmitry Gornostayev, told TASS later in the day that the chief of the RIA Novosti bureau in Kiev, Andrei Borodin, can not be contacted and there is the suspicion he has been detained by the SBU.

According to SBU spokesperson Elena Gitlyanskaya, the arrest and raid are part of an investigation into "a network of media structures used by Moscow to wage a hybrid war" against Ukraine. For his work "in favor of the aggressor country in May 2014", the SBU alleged, Vyshynsky was awarded a medal by a private decree of the president of the Russian Federation.

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