Lars shocks them at Cannes

“The House That Jack Built” IFC Films

Enfant awful Lars von Trier returned to the Cannes Film Festival on Monday night and became the first director of 2018 to see mass walkouts take place.

- The Oscar Predictor (@OscarPredictor) May 14, 2018why can't Lars von Trier just make a normal fcking movie for once. pushing limits is one thing but he's just a complete sadist expressing his narcissism and contempt for the world through his art.

This morning, on the eve of its Cannes premiere, IFC Films unleashed the first trailer for The House That Jack Built, the latest foray into madness from von Trier, which stars Academy Award nominee Matt Dillon as a serial killer who "views each of his murders as a work of art".

The walk-outs are were sparked by the sight of "Matt Dillon aiming a rifle at two small children, blowing their heads off", according to Variety reporter Ramin Setoodeh.

"By the time the end credits had stopped rolling, the balcony of the theatre was half empty". They were quick to point out that although 100 or so people bolted, 2,400 patrons hung around until the end to give the Danish favourite son a prolonged standing ovation.

"I think it's wonderful", he told DR Nyheder.

Thomsen said he thought the film was "artistic" and that von Trier was like a "sculptor".

Critical response to The House That Jack Built has been largely negative. "It is probably one of my absolute favourite Lars von Trier movies". That decision was greeted negatively in some quarters, with critics pointing to allegations made by the musician Björk, who said that Von Trier had sexually harassed her on the set of his film Dancer in the Dark.

The House That Jack Built also stars Sofie Gråbøl, Johannes Kuhnke, Marijana Jankovic, Osy Ikhile, Jerker Fahlström, Jeremy Davies, and David Bailie.

Not everyone seems to have been appalled by The House That Jack Built, however. The story that will unfold in the 70-80-ies of XX century, tells about a maniac named Jack. It is extremely graphic.

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