Lethal Weapon timeline culminates in Damon Wayans' bloody online revelations

Crawford was fired from the Fox drama from Warner Bros. Television and replaced with Seann William Scott

Richard Foreman FOX Crawford and Wayans on"Lethal Weapon

Wayans then claimed that Crawford smacked a fellow actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea, resulting in the other person sustaining a noticeable injury. Next, he tweeted a photo of a sticker that read, "Clayne Crawford is an Emotional Terrorist", with the caption, "Since @warnerbrostv is not defending me at all, here's another photo of images other people were posting in and around the lot".

Damon Wayans called out his former Lethal Weapon costar Clayne Crawford in a series of tweets on Monday, May 14, following the news that Crawford had been fired from the show and Seann William Scott would be joining in his place. Contracts with the rest of the cast were set to expire on 30 June and with no lead actor to play across from Wayans, it looked like Fox's axe was about to drop again despite the fact that the show was one of the biggest rating pullers for the network.

In three tweets early tonight, the actor behind the new iteration of Roger Murtaugh posted video of the incident in which he was hit in the head by shrapnel from a special-effects explosion. He specifically posts a video that he claims to be from the episode Crawford directed. Crawford played the role of Martin Riggs, the unstable, loose-cannon cop originated by Mel Gibson, but it appeared he had a lot more in common with his character than was desirable. Wayans shared from his side that Crawford was violent on the set of the show and a danger to the crew who helped put the show together.

At issue were two incidents: one in which Crawford allegedly dressed down co-workers over what he considered unsafe working conditions.

Details behind the recent firing of Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford continue to surface, this time from co-star Damon Wayans.

After Warner Bros. confirmed Crawford wouldn't be returning to Lethal Weapon, the actor headed to social media to address his departure: "To my cast and crew - CONGRATULATIONS on season 3!"

Given Crawford's alleged bad behavior, Wayans states that the move is justified. "And struck fear in cast and crew #dontblameme". Not me. Of Crawford, he added, "He became UNINSURABLE!"

Crawford issued an apology addressing two incidents that eventually led to his official firing. He apologized in an Instagram post on April 24, admitting that he had been "reprimanded" on set twice. My heart is full. "Good Luck nxt season!" Crawford subsequently met with human resources, apologized for his actions, completed the appropriate therapy sessions required of him, then shared a "sizable portion" of his earnings with a party involved in the incident. Right after the incident, Wayans was reportedly sent home for the day, and when he came back to work, he set limitations to what he was willing to do in the episode, citing safety concerns.

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