Millennials feel more stressed on the job than older colleagues

Coronation Street Maria and Aidan

Coronation Street Maria and Aidan

"By tackling stress we can go such a long way to actually preventing people from getting more serious mental health problems". Many organisations in Scotland including the Mental Health Foundation, See Me, SAMH, Penumbra, Samaritans and The Alliance play a huge part in helping to break down barriers associated with talking about mental health and together we are making progress, evidenced in part by the increase in demand for support.

"The first step is always letting your GP know and getting into the NHS system".

Watch the story behind the Invictus Trust and how it came about.

Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, along with stars from music, sport, stage and screen, will join together for the message which will be broadcast simultaneously by hundreds of United Kingdom radio stations.

The message will be voiced by Lady Gaga, Dame Judi Dench, David Harewood and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, as well as special guests The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, who are all lending their voice to raise awareness of mental health.

With over 300 stations taking part, broadcasting to one of radio's biggest collective audiences with an average listenership of 20 million, the Mental Health Minute has been led by Radiocentre and The Radio Academy. "That's the key thing that our volunteers on the helpline do it just to listen".

Recent MIND research has found that 40% of people with mental health problems have experienced stigma or discrimination in the place they live at the moment, and that two thirds of people with mental health problems have had at least one issue with the quality of their home.

Philip Grant, chairman of the Bank of Scotland Foundation, said: "As anyone can be affected and there can also be an impact on the lives of others, including family and friends, our new fund will vitally allow people across Scotland to benefit from a variety of much needed local services and personal support".

"If you do have the courage to speak about it, you really can make things better".

That's why it's important to encourage people to think about their mental health and what they need to do to protect it - just as we do already with physical health - and to feel comfortable in coming forward and being open about any problems they might be facing. As well as providing company and fun, radio can be an important lifeline for listeners. "We are pleased that the power of audio is being used to such fantastic effect and confident that what we've produced will get people talking". "But, improving awareness and understanding is a crucial first step that all employers need to take and we're proud to set an example, not only for the retail industry, but for employers across the United Kingdom".

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