Miramar Map Now Available in PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS

Miramar Map Arrives for Mobile Gamers- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Miramar Map Now Available in PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS

The much-anticipated 0.5.0 update for PUBG Mobile is rolling out around the world today, bringing with it the harsh, desert terrain of the Miramar battleground, along with a clutch of new features, in-game content, and technical tweaks.

PUBG Mobile v0.5.0 improved spectator mode smoothness, striking and melee combat sounds, parachute camera smoothness, and the parachute speed matches the PC speed in-game. Starting in season 2, progress missions let players complete various challenges to earn rewards, reach new levels, and more. This is important, seeing as to how the desert map has been on PC since December 12, 2017.

See you out there! Then there are the Activity Missions, which reward players for being active and logging on every week.

- Added local quick team feature: enter a 6-digit code to team up with friends that are next to you. Players can now collect Synergy by interacting with their friends and build Connections in the process. You can choose from "More than 50′, '25-50", or fewer than 25 for the most hectic streams. The region system will help with language-based chat channels, too.

Elsewhere, PUBG Mobile also has a shop doing the rounds, which allows players to fork out for cosmetic goodies and something called 'Secret Stash, ' which dishes out various special items on the cheap.

The game's sounds are also optimised, with climbing, parachuting, and various other effects all improved.

PUBG Mobile is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

- Improved team invitation flow.

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