More rain, more flooding forecast for Fairfax

More rain, more flooding forecast for Fairfax

More rain, more flooding forecast for Fairfax

While flash flooding is a condition that typically occurs near rivers, Ocean City can experience conditions similar to flash flooding if heavy rain coincides with high tide.

More than 1.75 inches of rain fell between 7 a.m. Sunday until 7 a.m. Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

The Flood Watch for the Sun River has been bumped to a Flood Warning due to increased water levels.

A flood watch is in effect Thursday afternoon through Friday night for most of Maryland, with an additional rainfall of 3 inches to 5 inches expected and flash floods possible.

It's forecast to start rising again Tuesday and reach 14 feet by Saturday. "Clouds and rain shower continue for the next three days here in D.C.", he said.

Forecasters say rainfall could total up to one inch in areas of central Allegheny County, including parts of Interstate 79 and the Parkway North.

The weather service also said emergency management officials reported multiple water rescues around the area before 9 p.m., when flash flooding already started.

Will the Potomac River flood?

Many areas across the region are already inundated with moisture from thunderstorms earlier in the week and when you add in the steady showers we experienced through parts of Wednesday and now into Thursday, we should be ready for these flooding concerns to overtake nearly the entire region. We will have to watch flood-prone spots (low-lying/poor drainage areas), as well as streams and creeks.

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