Nikki Bella is 'speechless' following John Cena's candid Today show interview

Nikki Bella explained why she called off the wedding

GETTYNikki Bella explained why she called off the wedding

In the clip, Brie Bella confronts Nikki about "walking on eggshells" with John Cena about their now-cancelled wedding. Anyone who has experienced that knows that it comes with a series of bad feelings.

While Nikki claimed that she "hadn't heard" what Cena said on the show and, when told about his comments, looked surprised. It was very important for me to be honest with myself, with [Kathie Lee and Hoda] and all of [the audience] because in tune it allows me to be honest with Nicole. "I know I can't force her to find it but I don't want this to fall apart because of speculation of, 'I think he's doing this or I think he feels this way". It's because I love her and I think in times of separation, often we speculate on what the other person is doing and sometimes communication can get messed up.

For the rest of the interview, which was nearly six minutes long, he continues to talk about how much he wants to have children with Nikki.

Nikki Bella is giving fans a glimpse into what led to her split from her former fiancé, John Cena.

Nikki Bella and John Cena got engaged at Wrestle Mania 33
GETTYNikki Bella and John Cena got engaged at Wrestle Mania 33

During the appearance, Cena admitted he still wants to marry Nikki Bella and have children with her, and that prompted a response from a "speechless" Bella at the NBC Upfronts.

"What's hard at times and what people don't realize about my relationship is I'm alone a lot and I'm alone in these big, lovely homes, which you're like, gosh, I mean, these homes are unreal", the 34-year-old wrestler admits in the season 3 premiere of Total Bellas. Bella added, "I truly hope one day that we can work it out and get back together". Bella, 34, said ultimately she just wants both herself and the WWE star "to live the rest of our lives happy".

"I saw some of the comments that she made and I think... like I said, she's searching for something", Cena said. "Hopefully that's together, maybe it's not". I just want us to work.

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