Now, Fly to USA in Rs 27000, thanks to Wow Air!

Skúli Mogensen The CEO and owner of WOW air has big plans for the future

Skúli Mogensen The CEO and owner of WOW air has big plans for the future

The Icelandic budget airline WOW air has announced it will start direct flights between Iceland and Delhi in India on December 6.

Just days before starting its regular St. Louis-to-Iceland flights, Wow Air said Tuesday that travelers will be able to connect there to go on to Delhi, India, beginning December 5. So passengers travelling to the United States will have a stop over at Reykjavik - acting as a hub for the airline - and then take a Wow flight to the US.

"The one way fair under the "Wow basic" includes all taxes but excludes meal and check in baggage, which will be charged separately".

This winter, Wow is scheduled to fly from Reykjavik to the US cities of Newark, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

Established in November 2011 by Icelandic entrepreneur Skúli Mogensen, the purple airline flies with Airbus A320, Airbus A321 and Airbus A330 models. Around 20,000 Indians travel to North America every day and with this "cheapest deals", they will have more options for travel.

However, the airline CEO Mogensen said the fare could go up depending upon factors, "though the high cannot be three to five times".

According to airline's website, travellers to NY will take 20 hours and would stop over for a couple of hours at Iceland's capital Reykjavik.

Wow Air will offer connections to 15 North American cities including Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco from India, apart from connecting flights to European cities. "Wow Air also plans to add more flights to India as the country strongly moves ahead to become the world's third largest tourism economy in the next ten years", said Mogensen.

Further, he said the "fares can absorb the rising crude oil prices unless it breaches the $100 mark".

Meanwhile, the airline CEO said was optimistic about the success of the airline in India.

While UK travellers using the service will initially travel west, the airline expects its competitive fares to still entice those looking to keep their costs down. But once you're on their page, don't directly fill your travel details into the box that says "Book Your Flight".

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