Rihanna shoots down royal wedding invite query

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"So it that really coming up, like, soon or something?" the Fenty designer asked.

"Oh, shoot! See, I need to stay on the internet more", Rihanna said. But as one reporter found out the hard way, that doesn't mean the "Work" singer is attending the upcoming royal wedding.

And this is when the journalist quizzed, 'so you weren't invited?' to which Rihanna replied with, 'Why would you think I'm invited?' Back then in the media reported that Prince Harry and Rihanna talked nearly all night, like bosom friends.

Heck - we want to master it.

"Okay, you met me".

Recently, in conjunction with the arrival of her SAVAGE X Fenty lingerie line, headlines popped up about RiRi supposedly saying that she would be gifting the royal newlyweds with some "savage" pieces from her line, but as it turns out, Rihanna wasn't even checking for a royal wedding in the first place. You think you're coming to my wedding.

Seriously - we can't stop laughing and reciting the words "Okay, you met me" because Rihanna is goals.

While you can order some styles with just the click of your mouse, others require enrolling in Xtra Savage, a VIP membership that'll run you $50 a year and comes with free shipping plus 48-hour early access to the latest collections.

Naturally, the reporter says that Rihanna will definitely be getting an invite to her wedding either way.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "The line has sexy gifts for your girlfriends, whether you're a man, whether you're a woman, whether you're just a best friend".

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