Riz Ahmed to co-write the screenplay for Ms Marvel

Riz Ahmed to co-write the screenplay for Ms Marvel

Riz Ahmed to co-write the screenplay for Ms Marvel

Emmy-award winning British-Pakistani actor, rapper and activist Riz Ahmed has offered to co-write the screenplay for Ms Marvel along with Mindy Kaling and Kumail Nanjiani.

Created by Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona, Kamala Khan or Miss Marvel is a Pakistani-American teen superhero from Jersey City.

When it was announced by Marvel president, Kevin Fiege in a BBC interview, that a Ms Marvel movie will be made in 2019, fans of the community have been extremely excited. In 2014, Marvel released a separate comic for this character, making her the first Muslim, which received its own line of comics.

Obviously Ms. Marvel's introduction to the MCU still lies somewhere in the future, and possibly the somewhat distant future at that.

Khan begins to go by Miss Marvel after Carol Danvers her hero, dons the title of Captain Marvel.

Riz Ahmed to co-write the screenplay for Ms Marvel

Then Kaling replied, revealing herself as a long-time Ms. Marvel fan.

"Ms. Marvel.is definitely sort of in the works", Feige had said.

"Captain Marvel's shooting right now with Brie Larson", he informed.

In a tweet, Ahmed wrote, "So when do Marvel Studio want me, Mindy Kaling and Kumail Nanjiani to get started on the MsMarvel screenplay?" Along with new Spider-Man Miles Morales, Kamala Khan is one of the most celebrated new characters to hit superhero comics in the last decade, so people were excited.

Marvel Studios produced some of the world's most popular cartoons and it has established its position in the industry for nearly a century now. I am obsessed with this comic book, I've read them all.

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