Samsung beefs up the Galaxy S9's color pallet with red and gold

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ now available in Burgundy Red and Sunrise Gold

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ get two new colors Burgundy Red and Sunrise GoldMore

It has actually released the Burgundy Red hue for the Galaxy S9 earlier than it did for the Galaxy S8 previous year. According to Samsung, this will "wrap the smartphone in a tranquil glow and glimmer" while creating a feeling of both "vibrancy and calm".

It looks like Burgundy Red isn't the only new color option coming to the Galaxy S9. It has developed this finish to appeal to all users by fusing a touch of high fashion with urban interior design. Meanwhile, the Burgundy Red edition comes with a deep red paint job that comes with a restrained gloss for added density. These are an addition to the previously available Midnight Black, Titanium Gray, Coral Blue, and Lilac Purple color variants.

It's only the color that's different as everything about the smartphones themselves remains the same.

Samsung said the gold edition will also be sold in large markets such as Australia, Chile, Germany and Russian Federation, with shipments to other countries to follow.

Samsung Electronics Co. said Wednesday it plans to release red and gold editions of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones in South Korea, providing more choices for consumers wanting to buy the flagship. The company made the surprising announcement of "Sunrise Gold" and "Burgundy Red" option. Other markets including Europe and even Mexico will see these colors "soon".

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