South Korea to take down North-facing propaganda speakers

Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon presides over a Cabinet meeting at the central government complex in Seoul

Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon presides over a Cabinet meeting at the central government complex in Seoul

Trump told reporters that he relayed his interest to Moon.

"There's something that I like about it because you're there, you're actually there".

Singapore is one of the few countries that have diplomatic ties with North Korea and has an embassy as well.

"President Trump deserves a great deal of credit for his statemanly role in transforming so dramatically the course of events in that region", he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in discussed the Korea summit over the phone, the Kremlin said on Sunday.

The Ministry of Unification, which handles inter-Korean relations, requested civic groups' cooperation on the implementation of the summit agreement.

But he said North Korea had "to get rid of the nuclear weapons" for peace efforts to be a success.

"Maybe a lot of things will change, but Kim Jong Un has been very open, very straightforward so far", Trump said. But it has become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy for Trump, and now it's got the figure at the center of the most significant global peace talks talking about giving him the world's most prestigious foreign policy award.

Then there is the odd language about how Kim's recent announcement to pause missile tests is considered by both leaders "very meaningful and crucial for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula". "And he has lived up to that for a long period of time, a longer period of time than anybody has seen", Trump said. KCNA said Mr Kim found it "a painful wrench" to see two clocks showing different times on a wall during Friday's summit in the "truce village" of Panmunjom.

Friday's summit between Moon and Kim has been hailed as a major step towards easing tension on the flashpoint peninsula and setting the mood for Kim's upcoming face-to-face encounter with the United States president.

The US-North Korea summit is scheduled to take place either in May or June. Trump's supporters chanted "Nobel!" at his rally on Saturday night. Sen.

Could the prevalence of K-Pop in North Korea lead to a cultural shift?

The Korean leaders said they were both committed to a peace declaration and to formally ending the North Korean war. With that progress came calls for Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize - and Trump seems happy to take the credit for the recent breakthrough. I will respectfully leave.

Patrick Cronin, an Asia-Pacific security analyst at the Center for a New American Security, said the demilitarized zone makes sense in part because that area just staged a successful inter-Korea summit and because Kim is said not to want to travel too far from home. "Don't overthink the substance". And then they strike a more conciliatory tone, saying 'we will calm down and stop military tests if you release some of the sanctions.' This generally tends to happen.

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