Splinter Cell, Gears of War 5, and More Listed by Walmart Canada

E3 2018 Games Leaked by Walmart

Splinter Cell, Gears of War 5, and More Listed by Walmart Canada

One of the best things about E3 2018 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the thrill of having games revealed to a worldwide audience.

Nearly all of the games on the list are priced at the same amount ($79.96) which could easily be a placeholder. This snafu was noticed by a Twitter user whose tweet we have included below.

Walmart has not been the most active retailer in Canada when it comes to new releases, but a new listing from Walmart Canada may have leaked a bunch of new games ahead of their official announcements. Take it for what you will, but there are some big names on this list and I could not duplicate finding the games on the website.

Other titles such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Metroid Prime 4, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Insurgency Sandstorm, The Division 2, and The Last of Us 2 are labelled for pre-order as well, but these titles have been announced in prior months. A few of them appear possible to reveal such as Borderlands 3 and Just Cause 4 since it has been awhile since we've witnessed follow ups with their own powerful predecessors.

The listing also included an entry labeled Destiny Comet. A sequel seems like a no-brainer, but when we were going to see it was still up in the air. We'll likely have to wait until E3 to learn what is and isn't real here, but there seems to be plenty in the works.

The Splinter Cell title hadn't had much fanfare previously, but it isn't very shocking that it's under development.

Keep in mind, that a lot of these games have been hinted at for a while, with Splinter Cell 2018 being the top of the list by constant appearances, with the most recent being in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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