Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid Making a Comeback

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid- Quick Drive July 2014

2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid- Quick Drive July 2014 Enlarge

And while the Crosstrek is already fairly fuel efficient, we're excited to hear the hybrid version is coming back.

Subaru of America, which has recorded nine consecutive years of record sales and 10 consecutive years of growth, has announced its first plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), borrowing the technology from minor shareholder Toyota.

Subaru gave no further specs for the Crosstrek plug-in hybrid, such as battery size, range, or power, and the company did not confirm the name Evoltis for the model.

Even if Subaru borrowed the Prime's 8.8-kWh battery and electric motors, the Crosstrek Hybrid's boxer engine, all-wheel-drive system, and higher ride height will make it hard to match the Toyota's 25-mile EV range or its 54 mpg combined rating. The gas engine is mated to an all-new transmission and a Toyota Hybrid System.

Exact details regarding the hybrid's powertrain and output figures remain a mystery. The automaker claims it combines the wide-ranging off-road capability of the petrol powered Crosstrek with hybrid efficiency.

Naturally, some unique design cues will set the Crosstrek Hybrid apart from the gas-only model, although both will be built around the new Subaru Global Platform. While the original Crosstrek Hybrid wasn't very good and failed to meet expectations, there was hope that a model redesign and upgraded system would come our way and make for a more viable alternative, but alas, that's not what happened. As a company, Subaru believes it is important to do its part in making a positive impact in the world because it is the right thing to do.

Its conventional 2014 Crosstrek Hybrid didn't provide much of a boost in fuel economy and didn't find many buyers.

Rowley told WhichCar that while Subaru Australia is interested in an XV Hybrid, at this stage it's a US-only offering.

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