Superhot JP is Superhot in Japan, priced "very reasonably"

Superhot JP is Superhot in Japan, priced “very reasonably”

Superhot is getting a Japan-inspired standalone

The tentatively titled SUPERHOT JP will be the latest iteration of the SUPERHOT saga and takes the red guys all the way to Japan.

File this in your Pleasant Monday Morning Surprises folder: Superhot is getting a Japan-inspired standalone, codenamed Superhot JP.

As described on the site, it will be "using Japanese environments, from samurai castles and hot springs to karaoke bars and bullet trains", and is "an alternate story campaign with a bunch of new levels and some cool new gameplay rather than a full-fledged sequel". The official Superhot twitter account calls it a remix that will release later this year, while in the same tweet refers to it as a reboot. The game is being developed in Tokyo with guidance from Superhot Team.

We also know GameTomo isn't planning to offer VR support, for now. In this FAQ, the developer says Superhot JP will contain 15-18 standard levels and 3-4 endless bouts, alongside the original game's modes-and new weapons include a bow and arrow. An all-new Japanese themed UI and menu will also be incorporated. SUPERHOT JP is slated to get an actual title, and a release on PC and PS4 sometime in the future.

I'm all for having third parties try their hand at "remixing" other developers" designs (it reminds me of the old "90s trend of "unofficial expansions" to games like Command & Conquer) in this fashion.

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