The Lenovo Z5 Will Take the 'Bezel-Less' Trend Seriously

Apple influenced Android players to incorporate the notch display on smartphones

Apple influenced Android players to incorporate the notch display on smartphones

If Lenovo has figured out how to make an all-screen device without needing to cut out space in the display for front-facing sensors, that'll be a pretty big win for the company.

The upcoming Lenovo Z5 honestly looks like it gained inspiration from the Vivo APEX and the iPhone X. The phone had a handsome edge-to-edge display with really thin bezels but left out the notch which many Android manufacturers were quick to copy Apple.

All-screen phones look cool, but they challenge the manufacturer to find a place to put front cameras, sensors and other hardware. Lenovo is teasing that an all-screen handset will be here in June. The Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng recently showed a sketch for a smartphone on Weibo (via CNet). It works to remove the notch, but to some it might not be worth having to drop the edge-to-edge claim.

Lenovo is now looking to disrupt this aspect - with a phone that has an all-glass front. We don't know if the Lenovo Z5 is in production now, or merely a concept.

According to Cheng, the Z5 will apparently ship with an incredible 95 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Will the iPhone SE 2 have a notch just like the iPhone X? The goal of the notch-at least in the case of the iPhone X-is to allow for the mechanics of the front facing camera, the earpiece, and more, to still exist on the front of the phone while not losing the claim that the screen goes from edge to edge. Cheng also claims that the Z5 will comprise four technological discoveries such as 18 technology that is patented.

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