Time travelers invited to Stephen Hawking send-off

Pallbearers carry Stephen Hawking's coffin out of Great St Marys Church at the end of the funeral in Cambridge

Pallbearers carry Stephen Hawking's coffin out of Great St Marys Church at the end of the funeral in Cambridge

At least 1,000 people plus time travelers from the future have a chance to attend Stephen Hawking's memorial service.

The blogger, who publicises events and writes abut the capital's heritage writes: 'Professor Hawking once threw a party for time travellers, to see if any would turn up if he posted the invite after the party.

A legendary figure in the modern history of physics, Hawking, who died at the age of 76 on March 14, 2018, is known for his work with black holes and relativity.

An online ballot to attend the service requires applicants give their date of birth, which can be any day up to December 31, 2038.

To pay tribute to the legendary theoretical physicist, scientists are now conducting an experiment on time travel where they are inviting time travellers from the future to attend the June memorial service for Stephen Hawking which will also feature almost thousand people from the present world. After the service, Westminster Abbey will be open to the public, so they can pay their respects at his grave.

While he didn't really believe that we'll ever be able to master backwards time travel (as oppose to the relatively easy feat of forward time travel), he did once host a party for time travellers.

While all applicants appear to be from the present day, a spokesman for the Stephen Hawking Foundation said: "We can not exclude the possibility of time travel as it has not been disproven to our satisfaction. All things are possible until proven otherwise", said the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

"But so far we have had applications from all round the world, and we do mean round - there are no flat-Earthers here".

"I have experimental evidence that time travel is not possible", Hawking told reporters at the Seattle Science Festival in 2012.

"He was curious and he had a great sense of humour", she said.

However, some claim that the this is not a time travel experiment rather a programming error that the website is accepting registration from people born two decades from now.

In January past year, Prof Hawking posted a touching tribute to his family, friends and others who have "helped and supported me along the way and made my universe so full of life, love and energy".

Well, it appears that his family is keeping the joke going for his upcoming memorial service at Westminster Abbey on 15 June.

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