UFC 224: Kelvin Gastelum Gets by "Jacare" Souza


UFC welterwight fighter Kelvin Gastelum

Lyoto Machida, Aleksei Oleinik, Kelvin Gastelum and Ronaldo Souza each earned $50,000 fight-night bonuses at Saturday's UFC 224 event.

Gastelum stuffed a takedown early in the final frame. They clinch up and jockey for position against the cage.

Jacare on looking for a win and not caring how he wins: "It's all about a win".

Souza went for a takedown, but ate a knee. Souza pulled guard and swept his opponent and moved to side control. Souza wanted to play guard, but Gastelum understandably wasn't interested.

For his next fight, Gastelum said in his post-fight interview that he believes a fight with the victor of Whittaker and Romero 2 is next for him. Jacare suddenly goes all in on an armbar. Souza threw a big right, but Kelvin ate it without any problems.

In round two Gastelum would find his range and proceeded to drop Souza with a punch.

Missed kick attempt from Jacare. Gastelum didn't go down, but he did eat some punches. Jacare looked for a takedown and a clinch but it wasn't there. "I definitely felt them but I didn't feel dazed or anything like that", Gastelum said about Souza's power. Gastelum then started to back Jacare up throwing his counter 1-2.

Dern was winging overhand rights from the start, coming up short on the more technically sound Cooper. Body kick for Jacare. A hard left hand connected for Souza.

The left hook actually dropped Kelleher twice in the fight. But the round still belonged to Lineker, who scored a quick knockdown just before the midway point of the round and landed several more hard blows. Another left, but Gastelum's chin is holding up extremely well.

Jacare looked winded and kept backing away with his arms low. Gastelum stuffed a couple of takedowns. He still looks very exhausted, but he's remaining aggressive regardless.

Souza moved to half mount and then to full mount.

Jacare shot in for a takedown, but no dice.

Both men tired here, but now it's Gastelum who is starting to pick up the pace and put punches together. It was well timed, but he's practically running on empty here.

Final moments of the round and Gastelum lands and Jacare has to back up to ensure he survives to the end of the fight and takes this to the scorecards.

The co-main fight of UFC 224 featured an interesting matchup of styles as Jacare Souza took on Kelvin Gastelum.

With the champion dealing with another fight, Souza and Gastelum fought for three, five-minute rounds that crowned a new title challenger at middleweight.

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