Vancouver Bans Plastic Straws, Plans to Go Zero Waste By 2040

It is, in particular, disposable dishes, Cutlery, straws-straws for drinks, cotton sticks and plastic anchors for balloons.

The Commission also said it would force producers to assist on covering the costs of waste management and clean-up, as well as awareness-raising measures for food containers, packets, and crisps packets and candies, drink containers and cups, cigarette butts, wet wipes, sanitary pads, balloons, and lightweight plastic bags.

Collection targets: European Union countries will be obliged to collect 90 per cent of single-use plastic drinks bottles by 2025, for example through deposit refund schemes. Single-use plastic objects and fishing gear account for 70 percent of waste in the ocean, according to the EU. In addition, we plan to limit the use of plastic packaging for take-away food in the cafe.

The plan does not set a deadline for a total ban on single-use plastic items such as cotton buds, plates and straws.

"This is an opportunity for Europe to lead the way, creating products that the world will demand for decades to come, and extracting more economic value from our precious and limited resources", he added. The European Commission estimates to that once the rules are fully implemented, businesses may be liable for an extra €3 billion per year. In a press statement, the Commission says these rules will put Europe "ahead of the curve on an issue with global implications", most likely pointing at China's scrap import policies. Companies will also be offered incentives to develop less polluting alternatives.

Full list of restrictions published on his page in Twitter the European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans. These include offering city-wide programs for reusable mugs and reusable straws, only giving single-use utensils to customers when requested, and ceasing distribution of disposable cups and single-use plastic bags, or placing a tax on both items.

"You can still organize a picnic, drink a cocktail and clean your ears, just like before", he said. Simple actions such as clear labelling of fishing gear could have a significant impact in reducing lost gear while helping to prevent illegal fishing, as owners of the gear can be held accountable.

Environmental groups have lauded the EU's proposal as a significant step in the right direction, though some have suggested the rules don't go far enough.

The industry body for plastics in Europe said bans will not achieve the structural change needed.

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