Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. meets Parkland survivors

Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. meets Parkland survivors

Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr. meets Parkland survivors

Fuentes is among the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who have made a point of reaching out to other young shooting survivors as they campaign for gun controls after the shooting by Nikolas Cruz on Valentine's Day.

President Donald Trump spoke on the phone Monday morning with the man who intervened during a deadly mass shooting at a Waffle House last month, White House spokesperson Raj Shah said Monday.

James Shaw Jr. - the man who heroically disarmed the Waffle House gunman last month and saved lives - just met with a bunch of fellow young heroes trying to save many more lives in the future.

James Shaw Jr., a 29-year-old electrician, has been hailed as a hero for wrestling an AR-15 away from an active shooter at a Nashville-area Waffle House in April. Four people were killed in the shooting, and two others were injured, but police said Shaw's actions likely prevented many others from being shot.

Shaw is Gonzalez's hero, and Gonzalez is Shawk's hero as well.

After meeting the students, Shaw also tweeted out another photo of the group, writing, "Meeting the young adults of the Parkland incident so much fire and inspiration in their eyes was a great joy ..."

Another Parkland survivor, Samantha Fuentes, had something to celebrate.

"Regardless of the fact I look like I lost a fight, inside Im winning in a way".

"I met one of my heroes today", Shaw tweeted along with pictures of himself with a Parkland student, at a Denny's restaurant in Miami.

On Twitter, Gonzalez called her meeting with Shaw "legendary".

In the middle of her addressing the crowd Fuentes ducked behind the podium to vomit but quickly gathered herself together.

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