Yanny or Laurel: Which one do you hear?

Listen up Team Laurel

Listen up Team Laurel

Please just help us out here.

In the viral clip, a robotic voice says a single word that has divided the online community, as some people swear they hear "yanny" while others can only hear "laurel". "Yanny" can clearly be heard when the pitch is lowered, and "Laurel" can be heard when the pitch is raised.

"It's definitely Laurel", our editor, Max Read, and our colleague Jake Swearingen told us in unison. "There is no N sound".

Instead, people on Twitter are arguing over whether an audio recording is saying "Yanny" or "Laurel". "It's saying 'Laurel, '" Mills said.

Obviously this also depends on individual physiology and on what you "expect" to hear. It gained a new life Tuesday though with thousands across the country looking at each other, like 'no way, how can you hear that?'

"If you turn the volume very low, there will be practically no bass and you will hear Yanny", user juuular writes.

"If you hear Yanny and not Laurel I don't trust you", user Quincy Quarter-Zips tweeted.

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