Alec Baldwin says he’d ‘absolutely win’ if he ran for president

Alec Baldwin says he’d ‘absolutely win’ if he ran for president

Alec Baldwin says he’d ‘absolutely win’ if he ran for president

"Oprah. Alec Baldwin. And so, it's opened up the possibilities for people who may not be traditional politicians but who are interested".

"If I ran I would win, I would absolutely win".

"If I ran, I would win", the 60-year-old, who has portrayed Trump on Saturday Night Live since the 2016 election, said on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show on Monday, June 11.

"It would be the funniest, most exciting, craziest campaign", Baldwin added.

"Hands down, I would win", Baldwin stated after Stern said he should put himself forward as the Democratic nominee.

To run for office is something that I want to do", Baldwin said at the time, but added that campaign "doesn't seem to be practical with my lifestyle and my children.

Stern replied, "I've got a name for you: Alec Baldwin".

One user wrote, "the fact that he is so certain that everyone likes him so much to vote for him to be their president is a testament to the average arrogance of Hollywood actors".

"The only reason I say that is because I'd love to run for that kind of position to have things just be very common sense", he continued.

Appearing on The Howard Stern Show last week, Baldwin spoke about how he could beat Trump in an election and that he learned the first lady enjoys his impression of her husband. I mean, somebody great is gonna come up, I hope.

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