Annapolis shooting: Several killed at 'The Capital Gazette' US newspaper in Maryland

She also spoke about how she was feeling.

"I don't know that there was ever any thought to not putting something together", said Hough, who wasn't at the office when the shooting broke out. "I appreciate the prayers". San Felice said, "And there I was sitting under a desk, texting my parents and telling them I loved them".

Five people-Wendy Winters, Rebecca Smith, Robert Hiaasen, Gerald Fischman and John McNamara-were killed during Thursday's shooting and others were injured.

Wearing blue detention clothes, the suspect reportedly said nothing but watched the proceedings attentively. He sued the columnist and the organization's editor and publisher for damaging his reputation, but a court ruled in the newspaper's favor and Ramos ultimately lost an appeal. "His intent was to cause harm", Krampf said.

Ramos allegedly harassed the paper after losing his legal case against it - a case which itself was over a story the paper ran detailing how Ramos harassed a woman who'd rejected his advances.

The newspaper said two other employees had non-life-threatening injuries and were released from a hospital.

Altomare said the suspect had a history with county police and had made threats online in 2013.

Furgurson said his colleagues were "just people trying to do their job for the public".

Jarrod Ramos, the man charged with five counts of murder for the targeted shooting was due for a hearing Friday morning in a courtroom in Annapolis. The Associated Press Media Editors promised to help its journalists as they recover.

Frashure said during a news conference that law enforcement from Annapolis, nearby Howard County, the Maryland State Police and federal agencies were participating in the response.

The gunman was found under a desk.

Police found evidence the attack on the Capital Gazette in Annapolis was planned at the suspect's house.

In a later tweet, Davis said he was safe and waiting to be interviewed by police.

Schuh praised the quick action of officers.

The New York Police Department said it was beefing up security at New York-based news organisations as a precaution.

Media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said it was deeply disturbed to learn that a shooting at the Capital Gazette, had resulted in the death of five people.

'But as much as I'm going to try to articulate how traumatizing it is to be hiding under your desk, you don't know until you're there and you feel helpless'.

Police secure the area outside the newspaper's office after the shooting on Thursday.

Authorities have not said where inside the multi-story building the shootings happened, but reporters at the newspaper have tweeted it was inside the newsroom.

Police said surveillance video recorded the attack, which began with a shotgun blast that shattered the glass entrance to the open newsroom.

Davis tweeted that he hid under his desk as the gunman opened fire on employees, at one point stopping to reload.

The Committee to Protect Journalists tweeted that before the Maryland shooting, seven journalists had been killed in the U.S. in relation to their work since 1992.

The Capital Gazette, which is owned by The Baltimore Sun, is one of 30 tenants in the building and one of a handful on the first floor.

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Capital Gazette shooting: Five killed in 'targeted' attack on Maryland newsroom