Apple approves iOS update of 'Telegram' app

Apple takes on the Kremlin approves new update for Telegram

Apple approves iOS update of 'Telegram' app

Apple now explicitly says apps can not host anything that looks like an app store within an app or give users the ability to "browse, select, or purchase software not already owned or licensed by the user". Telegram is now challenging the block in Russian courts.

Some iPhone users complained that the Telegram app on their iOS devices are acting wonky after they updated to iOS 11.4.

In a curious coincidence of timing, Telegram was banned in Russia in April after the company refused to hand over encryption keys to the Russian government.

Obviously, since this app is a secured messaging app where privacy is a huge concern, the company never responded back to the request. "Unfortunately, Apple didn't side with us".

In April, a Moscow court banned the popular free app following a long-running battle between authorities and Telegram, which has a reputation for securely encrypted communications.

Because of the block, the app's users were forced to use a VPN service so that they could continue using it. Russia blocked VPNs but, somehow, Russians managed to find new routes to access them. Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has said the decision to block the app is based on the need to guard against security threats such as terrorist attacks. It already sells some based on search terms in the App Store and that has proven to be a revenue stream worth over a billion dollars for the company in 2017.

There's now control over ceasing updates of contacts from the iPhone to Telegram, and you can delete previously synchronized contacts in the Privacy & Security settings page.

"We are continuing our efforts to resolve the situation and will keep you updated", he wrote. Evidently, Apple has at last given in and permitted the application to push through updates that make it agreeable with the new GDPR security laws.

Despite widespread protests, Russian Federation has refused to reinstate access to the popular messaging service.

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