Apple unveils the six new features on your iPhone

Susan Prescott Apple's vice president of product marketing announces updates to Apple's Stocks app at WWDC Monday in San Jose.                  Sean Buckley  CNET

Susan Prescott Apple's vice president of product marketing announces updates to Apple's Stocks app at WWDC Monday in San Jose. Sean Buckley CNET

Apple did not officially announce an iOS 12 release date, but given the software usually launches around the time of new iPhone models in September, you can probably expect it then.

One example shown on the WWDC stage was asking Siri for help finding lost keys, which Siri would understand as a command to access the Tile app and ping a Tile tracker attached to a keyring. It doesn't take kindly to apps that sidestep its 30 percent cut of purchases - even if the content they're selling isn't available on the App Store.

Shortcuts can also help Siri act as a business assistant throughout your day.

To monitor and control children's screen time, parents will need to connect their device to their child's device using Family Sharing, an Apple service that allows parents to monitor and control their kids' phone habits. If you go over your own limit, iOS 12 will pop up a reminder and block the app, though you can grant yourself an extension. Apple has been particularly harsh in its criticism of Facebook for its monetization of user data. For example, you can say "Heading home" to Siri, and have the assistant provide your ETA, send a text to your babysitter, set your thermometer to the desired temperature, and begin playing your favorite radio station in the auto. The contact you've shared it with will receive a notification on their Apple Watch. "Private data should remain private", Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said.

What else is new in iOS 12? The update will make devices faster and more responsive, with a particular focus on improving performance for the oldest devices supported, he added.

Apple did not announce whether its Netflix or Vudu apps, which both now support 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, would get Atmos support as well.

Closing off the iOS 12 presentation was the unveiling of Memoji - personalised emoji based on a user's appearance which can be customised - and FaceTime upgrades.

A public beta will be available to iOS users later this month. Its technology has simply fallen behind, and after a tepid response to its HomePod smart speaker, Apple has been working to fix Siri. Pressing on a notification, you can tune how often you'll get them in the future from the app that sent it. Notifications are now grouped by type, app or topic.

Siri will also provide new suggestions, such as prompting a user to turn on Do Not Disturb on their phone when entering a movie.

Other new features include a dark mode, a tool for easily snapping and importing photos from an iPhone, and a new Gallery View that makes previewing files easier in Finder.

Apple's new tools take us a little closer to looking away from the screen and engaging in our real lives.

Apple rolled out new support for augmented reality applications as it unveiled a new format for digital objects that appear to live in the real world. But many of those features sounded very familiar and they likely made some third party app developers very unhappy. It was hard to ignore the buzz of cognitive dissonance during a demo of Memoji, a new feature that lets users create animated augmented-reality avatars of their own faces to use in photos and messages. For example, Do Not Disturb will stop your phone from displaying notifications during a given timeframe, such as at night.

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