Bethesda announces Prey and Wolfenstein VR games at E3 2018

Prey's Mooncrash DLC gives you a new experience – and hazards – every time

DLC, New Game Plus Coming to Arkane Studios’ ‘Prey’

Bethesda has finally announced the moon-themed DLC for Prey alongside a free update, and the Prey: Digital Deluxe edition. The game was generally well-received among gamers and critics alike, who praised it gameplay mechanics and the immersive experience it presented. Against all odds, Peter must escape a TranStar base rife with enemies and hazards... with the goals - and loot - changing each time you play.

Prey: Mooncrash and Prey: Digital Deluxe are available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In "Mooncrash", "players take on the role of a hacker named Peter who's stationed aboard a spy satellite tasked with intercepting TranStar communications".

A free update has already hit the game, which brings New Game Plus and a tough Survival mode, both of which providing new challenges for veteran players.

Today, Bethesda announced Prey will be receiving a bunch of new modes, updates and some new DLC at the 2018 Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference to celebrate the game's anniversary.

You can get Mooncrash right now for $20 by itself.

Lastly, there is another DLC update due this year as well.

This is a competitive game mode which is basically a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, pitting Morgan Yu against mimics that will hide or try to disguise themselves as every day objects in order to hunt Yu down. The DLC is slated to arrive later this summer and will offer a VR experience, that will enable players to solve puzzles as well.

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