Carbon dioxide shortage leaves United Kingdom feeling flat

Meat and poultry processors are just days away from being affected by the CO2 shortage trade groups have warned

Meat and poultry processors are just days away from being affected by the CO2 shortage trade groups have warned

The crisis comes in the middle of the World Cup, where brits are expected to lap up thousands of pints every day.

CO2 is used to carbonate beer and is a part of the bottling/kegging process.

Quality Pork chief executive Andy McGowan said his company's gas supplier had been unable to guarantee delivery to the Brechin pig plant.

In a statement, the soft drinks giant said: "We are now responding to an industry-wide issue that is impacting the supply of C02 in the UK".

Supermarket Morrisons said some frozen products had been affected by the shortage, and it aimed to resume selling its full online range "as soon as possible".

"Heineken has been the company with the biggest issues and they have told us that all is getting back to normal".

Dutch brewing group Heineken said it was working "24/7" to meet surging demand during the balmy weather and the football tournament, by sourcing Carbon dioxide from across its European network.

Punch Taverns, which has around 1,300 pubs, said it has had shortfalls of John Smith's and Amstel for nearly a week, with Birra Moretti also now in short supply. To avoid running out of dry ice, the company started rationing the frozen food it delivers and encouraged its customers to switch to fresh products instead.

It was described as "worst supply situation to hit the European carbon dioxide business in decades".

Poultry producers were affected as well, with the 2 Sisters Food Group reportedly halting the gas stunning of chickens last week, using electricity instead. CO2 is also used in certain medical procedures.

The maintenance runs take advantage of slack demand for fertilizer given that farmers have already planted their crops by late spring. Meanwhile cheaper supplies of ammonia from outside the continent had encouraged producers to keep their own plants offline for longer, Gas World said.

The Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) visitor attraction said it had been unable to get the dry ice it needed for its new show due to the European shortage of CO2.

Tesco said the Carbon dioxide shortage had not resulted in any availability issues on any product lines.

"We are now monitoring the situation across our network".

He said: "That's the frustrating thing - they're not telling us anything".

Major players in the supply of industrial gases include Messer and Linde in Germany, Air Liquide of France, and United States giant Praxair. The French company said the shortage was the result of "exceptional and simultaneous production shutdowns" of raw gas production units. However, given the time of year and the World Cup, this situation has arisen at an unfortunate time for the brewing industry'.

A Belgium fan drinks a beer ahead of the Russian Federation 2018 World Cup Group G football match between Belgium and Tunisia at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow on June 23, 2018.

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