Code Vein Gets a September Launch Date

Code Vein Gets a September Launch Date

Code Vein Gets a September Launch Date

The trailer announces the game's pre-order bonuses, its limited edition version, and its release date! Alongside the physical perks, you are also able to obtain 3 in-game weapons.

You can check out the latest in the above trailer.

While not a bad thing inherently on its own at all, Code Vein could just not help being constantly compared to Souls games and had a more challenging time conveying its own strengths.

The trailer sets up the story of Code Vein, as well as showing off some of the game's mechanics and aesthetic. Players also receive special access to the blood veil Venous Claw and Accessory Set. The problem is there's only so much blood to go around, so Revenants have learned to harness fruits called blood beads instead.

Those who pre-order the game (in the U.S. at least) will also be given access to a special God Eater collaboration pack, which includes the Blanched Greatsword, Cerulean Spear, and Crimson Longsword weapons, along with the Venous Claw weapon.

The newest Blood Veil, the Ivy Blood Veil, unleashes a swift attack that produce thorns that emerge from the ground and pierce enemies from afar.

Code Vein is usually described as an anime Souls clone however it seems to have its own unique style.

After what seemed like an eternity, Bandai Namco has finally revealed when Code Vein will be released: September 28.

All things considered, with Code Vein fans having now been given an official release date, there's no doubt that their excitement for the title has become even larger than ever before, as they now know when to expect it.

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