Destiny 2's Fall Expansion Is Called Forsaken, Returns Players to the Reef

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Destiny 2's Fall Expansion Is Called Forsaken, Returns Players to the Reef

Bungie recently invited a number of high-profile "Destiny" influencers to the studio to try out future content, and YouTuber Datto made it clear in a recent video that an entirely new mode is on the way. Forsaken is meant to bring a brand new style, tone, and story to Destiny 2, and none-too-subtly encourages players to pick up the new Annual Pass. As always, the expansion will also include the usual assortment of new weapons, armor, gear, Supers, and gameplay tweaks. This leaves a flood of bad guys overrunning the Tangled Shore, a new location on The Reef, headed up by "Barons"-bosses with different powers and abilities who players will have to take out in "Baron hunts".

Thankfully, you'll have a new weapons system to help take them on. A new raid set in what looks like a large, sprawling destination.

A special build of Destiny 2: Forsaken with Gambit enabled will be available to play at the E3 show floor next week in Los Angeles. In addition to an improved mod and masterworks system, a new way of slotting weapons will be introduced.

In an interview with Bungie's Pete Parsons went out of his way to praise NetEase's expertise with mobile games. Bows are also in, and each class seems to be getting significant reworks - "anime" style Void Warlock teleports were highlighted as the standout adjustment. "Something that feels like 'Destiny.' It was the one thing that I'd say, overwhelmingly so, had a very good first impression among the entire group that was there".

PvP and PvE will be "married" like never before which will be showcased the most through the new mode, the previously mentioned Gambit. Two teams of four players are dispatched into separate arenas, where both sides fight enemies to collect motes.

Bungie has faced a lot of flak in recent years over its cooperation with publisher Activision in the Destiny series. The also cryptically talk about The Dreaming City and the secrets it hold, calling it massive, mysterious, and unlike anything they have ever done before.

Most fans of the Destiny franchise will tell you that Destiny 2, the sequel to the popular alien-shooting game that came out in 2014, took several steps backward from the original.

Bungie today revealed plans for Destiny 2's second year, which includes a new expansion - Forsaken - for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC online shooter.

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