EA and BioWare’s Anthem Will Not Feature Romantic Relationships

Javelin exosuits make their pilots powerful heroes in the world, with awesome weapons and incredible special abilities that allow for combat and exploration in a hostile environment.

Anthem is a game that has intrigued shooter fans since it's announcement a year ago. While no footage was shown, the idea of a battle royale mode made by Battlefield developer DICE was exciting enough to elicit a cacophony of cheers from the conference room.

At E3 2018, EA revealed more details about the much-awaited game.

EA is working on a Cloud-based game streaming service, made by a new EA team based out of Israel. The highlights of the show were games like Battlefield 5, Anthem, Battlefront 2 and a new Star Wars game.

Lead writer Cathleen Rootsart said the game was "designed so they could add more storylines" - describing how they wanted to build a game which changes every time you play.

BATTLEFRONT II. Star Wars Battlefront II is bringing the game to Geonosus and the era of the Clone Wars.

It's an interesting move by BioWare, which seems to be positioning Anthem as the most story-rich of the big hobby games.

While it is not impossible to play alone, solo has been described as potentially more hard without the full four person team.

Another game revealed at EA Play was another EA Originals title by Jo-Mei Games, called Sea of Solitude where a young woman who's suffering from loneliness has to struggle with her inner monster - her loneliness - which is turning her into a literal monster in the real world. Additionally, players will be able to customize the various suits with cosmetic appearances and gear.

One of the big questions about Anthem has always been how BioWare will fit its usual penchant for grand, player-centric stories into a multiplayer-focused experience. The first entry in BioWare's next game series, an open-world online-shooter that looks like Destiny with jetpacks, was showcased with a alleged real-time gameplay demo and a release date confirmation: February 22, 2019.

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