EU agreed time not right for G7 to readmit Russia: Merkel

Merkel G-7 summit with Trump was a'sobering experience

EU agreed time not right for G7 to readmit Russia: Merkel

US President Donald Trump's revocation of support for a joint communique with other leaders at the G7 summit was "sobering and a little depressing", German Chancellor Angela Merkel said late Sunday (Jun 10).

The photo appeared on Merkel's Instagram account, describing the image as a "spontaneous meeting".

The leaders had been meeting at the Group of Seven summit in Quebec, Canada over the weekend.

Merkel spoke following a meeting with the leaders of Italy, Britain and France which came in the aftermath of US President Donald Trump's call to readmit Russian Federation.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that it will be possible to talk about Russia's return to the G7 after significant progress is made in the Ukraine situation. It is among several photos the White House sent to news media after the German government released the Merkel photo.

The former engaged in a Twitter argument with Mr Trump this week over new USA tariffs on steel and aluminium which will affect the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Trump said Saturday that he has a great relationship with his allies.

"The leaders of the G7 has not discussed climate change and trade, which are the most sensitive" she said.

Mrs Merkel's photo has taken off on social media, spawning all sorts of memes and amusing caption contests.

However, following Mr Trump's online outburst against Mr Trudeau, the French president issued a statement that "international co-operation can not be dictated by fits of anger and throwaway remarks".

There was no namecheck for the United Kingdom prime minister when, before leaving Canada for his summit with Kim Jong Un, Mr Trump said his relationship with other G7 leaders was a "10".

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