Ewan McGregor cast as Danny Torrance in sequel to The Shining

Kevork Djansezian  NBC  NBCU

Kevork Djansezian NBC NBCU

While there had been plans for a movie, Warner Bros. struggled in developing a budget.

Flanagan is known for such horror films as Before I Wake and Hush, but also recently turned King's Gerald's Game into a popular Netflix series.

McGregor will play adult Danny in the new film - Variety reports that King has given his "blessing" to the casting - with the character having been a child during the events depicted in The Shining. It would be another 33 years before a follow-up was published, following Dan Torrance as he continues to deal with his "shining" powers as well as the alcoholism and rage that he inherited from his father.

Here's a plot summary: Doctor Sleep begins as Torrance (McGregor) carries the trauma of the Overlook Hotel into adulthood. He is now working at a hospice where he uses his "shining" powers to provide comfort to terminally ill patients.

Torrance befriends a woman with similar "shining" powers, but the two quickly discover that they are being hunted by a group of individuals who want to kill them to enhance their own supernatural capabilties. Considering the industry is preparing for the Castle Rock anthology series, It: Chapter 2, a potential Dark Tower TV series and a film adaptation of The Stand, it is a big moment for King's work.

This marks the second time that McGregor will step into the role of an adult version of a literary character, with the arrival of Disney's Christopher Robin set to happen later this year.

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