Facebook's 'keyword snooze' allows users to avoid ex, spoilers and grim news

Facebook is testing a keyword snooze button

Credit Facebook

As TechCrunch reports, Facebook is testing a feature that would allow you to "snooze" certain words in your news feed for 30 days, including the title of your favorite movie franchise or TV show.

Five months after reports surfaced that Facebook was planning to introduce a spoiler filter to its News Feed, that technology has become a reality.

This feature isn't proactive, like Twiter, instead it's triggered when someone posts a status update with a word you don't want to see.

Update: This article was updated to reflect that this feature is now being tested and will roll out widely later in the year.

In order to activate Keyword Snooze, you'll need to click on a specific post's menu option and select which of the relevant keywords from the post you'd like to shut down for the next 30 days. Facebook has begun testing out an algorithm that will allow the social media giant to protect you from spoilers.

The feature gives users the option to temporarily hide posts that feature the keyword from people, pages, and groups they "like".

First spotted by Chris Messina and pointed out by TechCrunch, it's a variant of Facebook's option to snooze people and pages you didn't want to see, which was introduced past year. Tapping the drop-down arrow will bring up the option to "snooze keywords in this post".

The feature will be gradually rolled out to a couple million users by next week.

The new feature is being introduced to test markets today (June 27) and, if successful, will be introduced to all users.

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