Fan Prequel To Fallout New Vegas To Launch This October

Fan Prequel To Fallout New Vegas To Launch This October

Fan Prequel To Fallout New Vegas To Launch This October

It could also be a nod to the actual Fallout 76 release date, although this is pure speculation at this time. This mod, entitled Fallout: New California, sets its game in the ruins of Los Angeles.

Fans of the Fallout series don't have long to wait to hear more about Fallout 76. The game will release October 23 of this year. Shortly after, a pre-order page for the game went up on Amazon. Well, technically it was more teased, but we do know that Fallout 76 is indeed on the way. This vault is referenced in different pieces of lore throughout Fallout 3, the Mothership Zeta expansion, and Fallout 4.

When it comes to gameplay so far all we have are rumors outside of a report from Kotaku alledging that Fallout Vault 76 will be an "online game of some sort".

As mentioned above, Bethesda will announce the release date during E3 2018, and will probably make this one of the most watched livestreams of the expo.

According to Fallout lore, Vault 76 was one of 17 "control vaults" with standardised living conditions - i.e. not subject to social or genetic experimentation - and its community kept safe underground while the Great War obliterated much of the American landscape and population.

Fallout 76 No Mods: Why Are There No Mods?

Typically, a new Fallout title falls into an Autumn release window, with Bethesda releasing Fallout 3 on October 28th, 2008 and Obsidian's spin-off Fallout: New Vegas on 19th October, 2010.

The fan-made game has been designed as a modified version of the New Vegas release.

Though some impassioned fan projects have fallen victim to this in the past over slight oversights, the Fallout 4: New Vegas team has been very thorough since day one.

Fallout 76 is in development for unspecified systems.

We think it unlikely that Bethesda would try to cannibalize its audience for TES Online with a new MMO, so we expect to see an online survival RPG centered around Fallout 4's base-building mechanics, or a new take on the Battle Royale mode popularised by PUBG and Fortnite if that's a genre Bethesda is looking to capitalize on with everyone else.

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