Fortnite Final Fight LTM Disabled, 50v50 Returns

Fortnite Playground mode LTM

EPIC GAMESFortnite Playground mode- Hopes raised LTM could return to Battle Royale today

Introduced as part of yesterday's v4.5 update to Fortnite, Playground is a limited time mode where up to four players are able to drop into a map together, experiment with weapons and building, shoot each other with minimal effect, and basically just learn to play the game better without fearing having to start queuing for a match over again from the start.

50v50 was scheduled to enter the rotation today, June 29, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET; however, Epic announced on Twitter that it discovered "a few issues" with the mode and won't be enabling it just yet.

If you want to be a part of Fortnite history, head to Snobby Shores on Saturday at 1:30 PM and wait patiently.

Matchmaking issues and performance problems hit the same day that the Fortnite Playground LTM mode was taken down. This marks the first time Epic Games will be using a one-time only live event. The term means users don't need to make any purchases to get the gaming experience, but games like Fortnite do offer in-game purchases like outfits, characters, tools, and even dance moves so creators can make a profit off of players. In its most recent Reddit update, Epic said, "We're continuing testing on our matchmaking improvements and are still aiming to open the Playground LTM as soon as we're confident in our improvements".

It remains offline now, with Epic promising an update today. "We'll have more information available tomorrow".

Epic developers took to reddit to explain what Fornite's latest LTM needs, and why it's proved such a strain on the server.

However, it seems unlikely Playgrounds will return today, as Week 9 Challenges start, giving players plenty of tasks to keep them occupied.

It has already pushed a patch live for PC players, with more patches expected imminently.

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