God of War Will Receive New Game Plus Mode in Future Update

God of War's New Game+ Mode Will Allow you to Retain All Equipment and Upgrades

God of War Will Receive New Game Plus Mode in Future Update

Sony has announced that God of War will indeed be getting a New Game Plus mode. If you've been looking for a reason to revisit Kratos and Atreus' journey, that'd be the time. "It's with our greatest pleasure to create this in honour of you - our fans".

New Game+ will allow players to carry over their progression and bring all their earned weapons, skills, and armor into a new game playthrough.

No specific release date was detailed yet for the release of New Game+, but Sony stated that it will be made available in an update "at a later date". However, much like the game's Photo Mode, it appears that the developers have continued to work on it since then.

Development of a New Game Plus for God of War was confirmed by Sony CEO Shawn Layden. You will keep all of your armour, enchantments, and everything else acquired during the first play-through. "That will also be possible, and quite frankly, you may need it, New Game+ won't just be a sunny stroll through Midgard", Sony said.

God of War's New Game+.

New Game+ mode for God of War will feature a harder difficulty.

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