Google accidentally removed Android tablets from its website

Google accidentally removed Android tablets from its website

Google accidentally removed Android tablets from its website

It does seem that the focus has shifted towards Chromebook running Android apps, or more recently Chrome tablets running Android apps - but neither of the manufacturers who have announced Chrome Tabs have any plans to bring those to Australia just yet. It has since been returned, although, as Android Headlines points out, there really wasn't much of a reason to do so. Chrome OS and Chromebooks are being groomed to do what Android tablets have not been able to in terms of productivity and usability.

The archived version of the website, as saved 24 hours ago, the tablet section was there among the top header bar listing, next to the phones. This pronouncement was complicated somewhat following a tweet by Android senior vice president, Hiroshi Lockheimer, indicating that the removal was the result of a bug that occurred during a website update.

Google tried to jump into a competitive tablet market featuring products such as the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and Asus ZenPad 3S 10 and couldn't keep up with the competition. The fact that the word "tablet" is left out of the picture says something about Google's lack of interest in tablet devices. In a tangible show of the classic economics of supply and demand, the glut of cheap Android tablets has pushed the market down, and with it, demand. The Tablets section went missing.

While OEMs are continuing to make Android tablets, these have been relatively few and far between.

While the tablet form factor is unlikely to go away anytime soon, Android on tablets is not a paradigm likely to continue significantly longer. The company did not launch anymore tablets after that.

On the other hand, Apple still dominates the tablet scene.

Google mistakenly removed the tablet section from the official Android website.

Now, its quite evident that the company is done with tablets. Naturally, this development prompted the tech press to declare Android tablets dead.

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