Google bins military contract after staff unrest

Google bins military contract after staff unrest

Google bins military contract after staff unrest

Since the project was announced in March, about 4,000 Google employees have signed a petition demanding clearer policy that "neither Google nor its contractors will ever build warfare technology", with dozens more staff resigning altogether in protest.

Diane Greene, Google Cloud's CEO, was quoted as saying in news reports that the company may opt of working for Project Maven.

Through Project Maven, Google provides artificial intelligence technology to the Pentagon to help humans detect and identify targets captured by drone images. The individuals who are leaving referred to ethical concerns in utilizing drone warfare, and in addition more broad worries about Google's choices in the political field.

Google plans to honor what is left of its contract on Project Maven, a source said. The dissidents said it clashed with the company's stated principle of doing no harm and cited risks around using a nascent artificial intelligence technology in lethal situations.

The Project Maven contract worth £7.5million involves using engineering talent and artificial intelligence to distinguish people and objects in drone videos. Greene said Google chose to work on Project Maven "at a time when Google was more aggressively pursuing military work", Gizmodo reported. Google has been always been criticized for avoiding tax, destroying small businesses online, but now Google has finally stooped to a new low. The guidelines will be released, "very, very soon,"Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said in a recording of a staff meeting last week reviewed by Reuters". An internal petition calling for Google to stay out of "the business of war" garnered thousands of signatures, and some workers reportedly quit to protest a collaboration with the military.

Google declined to comment on internal documents and messages seen by Reuters. Strong backlash against the company's involvement in the project reportedly led to the company's decision not to continue to pursue the project. A mass-compliant was filed requesting Google to stay away from these co-operations while around 12 employees had resigned from the tech giant, as the company didn't respond.

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