Google Pixel 3 will have support for wireless charging

Google Pixel 3 will have support for wireless charging

Google Pixel 3 will have support for wireless charging

This doesn't confirm these features are coming to the Google Pixel 3 phones, but it certainly makes their inclusion more likely. Google killed the headphone jack past year with the Pixel 2 series and it is sticking to the decision with the next-generation phones as well.

Google Pixel 3 will not be manufactured by HTC but by Foxconn.

According to the person who leaked the Pixel 3 XL images, he activated Active Edge on the smartphone. That includes the notch that so many people seem to be against as well as the sizeable chin - presumably required in order to get those stereo speakers onto the face of the device. There's a bit of a tweak to the feature, but it's still there, and it looks like it's going to be available on both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.

The most popular add-on transforms Active Edge into the Edge Sense feature found on the HTC U11, introducing the option to remap the frame, letting users launch different applications by applying different levels of pressure to the frame.

This new leak from XDA Developers also reveals that the Pixel 3 will come with Active Edge support something that we have already seen on Pixel 2.

We believe similar features and technologies will be developed by other OEMs but for Google, it will continue to improve the Active Edge squeeze feature.

After taking a closer look at the Android P developer preview, XDA Developers found "WakeMode" class within the SystemUIGoogle APK that was modified. As the launch of the Pixel 3 lineup is nearing the market is flooded with a number of renders and leaks related to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

Active Edge debuted on the Pixel 2 smartphones and lets you bring up Google Assistant if you squeeze the sides. The report also states that Pixel 3 XL will have two front cameras but a single camera at the rear. Further, the folks over XDA are also suggesting that Google is looking forward towards building a glass back.

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