Google to dissolve the old Gmail design soon

Google will roll out 'new Gmail' to all users starting next month

Google will roll out 'new Gmail' to all users starting next month

The company plans to make the new Gmail look available to all of its users in July, followed by a mandatory transition this fall. From the Gmail menu, select the cog icon in the top right and select "Try the new Gmail".

For those who would like more time with the "old" Gmail, they have the option to opt out of the new Gmail for an additional four weeks. But, after eight weeks, users will automatically be migrated to the new Gmail.

It's not uncommon for Google to hold back a major redesign or set of features for its G Suite catalog of products to give professional customers a bit of extra time to prepare for the changes, and Gmail is no exception.

Immediately transition their users to the new Gmail.

Considering most people seem to like the new interface, Google has chose to move everyone to the latest version starting in July. Ultimately, around the 12-week mark after the general availability announcement, Gmail users will lose the option to revert to the old design.

Features of the new Gmail such as offline and confidential mode will be off by default when the new version reaches general availability in July.

Google launched its shiny new version of Gmail yesterday.

Google's Gmail update was focused on AI-powered productivity improvements, such as suggested replies, as well as collaboration, and security. Then, if you still hate it, you are out of luck because come October, you will be using the new Gmail no matter what. Some people already have access to the new appearance, but many users are stuck with the current design.

Here is what the rollout will look like for G Suite users.

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