Henri van Breda gets three life sentences for family axe murders


Henri van Breda gets three life sentences for family axe murders

Former Perth schoolboy Henri van Breda has been handed three life sentences for the murders of his parents and brother in South Africa.

Judge Siraj Desai described 23-year-old Henri Van Breda's January 2015 rampage as "savage and vicious" with "an nearly unprecedented degree of disregard for one's family".

Van Breda was also sentenced to 15 years for the attempted murder of his sister Marli, who was unable to remember the attack.

"Each murderous attack on a family member is a severe crime and warrants the severest punishment", judge Siraj Desai told the packed Western Cape High Court in Cape Town after the headline-making trial.

Earlier this week, the State argued in aggravation of sentence that the 23-year-old had shown no remorse for the January 2015 murders at the De Zalze security estate in Stellenbosch.

Van Breda's advocate Piet Botha will hear whether his client has leave to appeal against his convictions and sentences on June 27.

Surviving sister Marli, left, with Henri Van Breda's parents Martin and Theresa.

He received an additional 12-month sentence for obstructing the court of justice. "You had the support of family and, more importantly, they had the means to assist you in your future endeavours, and it seems to me they would have done so".

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