Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference

Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference

Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference

Here are the exciting new iOS 12 features that are coming to your iPhone and iPad later this year.

It was rumoured for a long time that iOS 12 would focus on bug-fixes and smaller tweaks rather than offering a shake-up to the tried and tested formula.

Other hardware rumours include updated AirPods and the possibility of a refreshed MacBook Air which would bring new features, such as a Retina display, to this popular laptop. Let's take a look and see.

Stocks will receive an update on iOS and macOS.

Apple wants as many people to download and use iOS 12 as possible, and the update will be available for all devices that now support iOS 11 and later.

The tech firm revealed iOS 12 at WWDC, its annual gathering for the developers who build apps and other software.

Animoji, Apple's cute animated animal personas are back and upgraded in iOS 12 on iPhone, with new creatures like koala and T-rex added, among others. As usual, you'll need to be connected to Wi-Fi, and your Watch will need to be charged to at least 50% and still charging. Saying the phrase can be set to open Apple Maps to find the best route home and launching a radio app.

To go along with these benefits there's a dedicated Shortcuts app.

You'll also be able to access the Control Center by pulling down from the same top right-hand corner, which makes much more sense.

And the headline announcement could be iOS 12 which will bring a swathe of upgrades to Apple's iPhones. It has a complete redesign to look more like the App Store and looks a whole lot better.

Voice Memos coming to Mac.

Finally, there's Apple TV which may be about to get support for Dolby Atmos and a host of new applications and content.

For example: A new AR app called Measure lets users gauge the size of objects in the real world-like the suitcase that Apple exec Craig Federighi measured on stage using the app. Pressing on a notification, you can tune how often you'll get them in the future from the app that sent it. Notifications are now grouped by type, app or topic. The company said it would place new restrictions on how apps can access users' cameras and microphones, and make it more hard for data-collection firms to create identifiable "fingerprints" of individual devices. Photos An all-new For You tab surfaces favorite moments in one place, combining Memories and iCloud Shared Albums.

Certain apps will be able to break through the Do Not Disturb barrier, meaning healthcare or loved ones will be able to get hold of you at the right time.

Children will not be allowed to extend the time on their own phones, according to Engadget.

When will iOS 12 come out?

Also of note is that FaceTime is gaining support for group chats that'll support up to 32 participants at once.

BREAKING: This is a live piece and we'll update it throughout the conference.

Notifications are getting improved in iOS 12.

Group FaceTime is the next big thing in iOS 12. Dubbed "Digital Health" this new initiative is understood to include the creation of a menu option in the Settings app that will allow greater control of how people interact with their device.

≡ Safari now also automatically creates, autofills and stores strong passwords when users create new online accounts and flags reused passwords so users can change them.

ARKit 2 was also announced along with some new privacy and security features.

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