Here's how you can watch the WWDC live stream on Monday

Here's how you can watch the WWDC live stream on Monday

Here's how you can watch the WWDC live stream on Monday

Apple is also expected to discuss its plans for pairing its devices with healthcare initiatives and could at least discuss some long-awaited hardware, like a new iPad Pro. That improved iPhone SE you were looking forward to?

What are the biggest new iOS 12 features?

Apple has promised iOS 12 will not only be available to older models, but in fact speed them up.

A new feature called Screen Time will offer weekly reports about your iPhone.

iOS 12 Features: What goodies will it bring to the table?

Also, iOS 12 now groups notifications by app and topics.

Apple is testing technology to bring iOS apps to Apple desktops, but it's denied, with quite literally a giant "NO", that it's going to merge iOS and MacOS.

ARKit 2 enables developers to create the most innovative AR apps for the world's largest AR platform, with new tools to integrate shared experiences, persistent AR experiences tied to a specific location, object detection and image tracking, making AR apps even more dynamic. Siri will also start anticipating your needs, so if, for example, you're running late, it'll ask you if you need to send an apology text. The new "Digital Health" features will appear in iOS 12 settings, according to a recent Bloomberg report. This will let you pin actions to certain words and Siri will complete your command. You can now search for your favourite channels, news sources, and more.

There's also improvement to Siri Suggestions. Those will include turning your phone to do not disturb in a movie theater or suggesting you call your grandmother on her birthday. You go beyond this point at your own risk.

Voice Memos: a new design and iPad availability. iCloud support is also coming so your voice recordings will sync across your devices. Apps, too, can launch twice as fast.

Lastly, iOS 12 is faster and more responsive than ever before.

Say you don't want to spend more than an hour on Instagram per day. Screen Time would also allow parents to limit access to some apps and websites. Use Instagram a lot? iOS 12 will tell you how long you've spent in the app and give you options to reduce your usage. Apple News is now built into Stocks, too. If you have children, you can set app "Allowances".

At its annual developers conference in San Jose, Apple said that iOS 12 could carry out simple tasks, such as opening apps, up to twice as fast as its predecessor, iOS 11. You can chat with up to 32 people and it's integrated into iMessage. You'll then need to enter the network URL of the stream, which we don't know just yet.

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