Hitman 2 Leaked Ahead of Reveal Scheduled For Later This Week

Warner Bros. Set to Reveal New Hitman Content

New Hitman Announcement Teased for This Week

However, until the official reveal on 7th June, it's not 100% certain that Hitman 2 is definitely a thing, even if the leaked logo does seem to confirm that it is. The short video clip shows what appears to be some kind of racing game, but we reckon this may be a bait-and-switch and actually related to the recently hinted Hitman news.

As seen in the tweet below, Hitman fans should expect IO Interactive and Warner Bros. This wouldn't have been put there by accident and it seems way too coincidental for it to be referring to a new auto game, but wait, there's more.

Since 2016's Hitman reboot was brilliant, this is obviously great news, but the omission of the word "season" from that title raises questions about whether its episodic structure will return. Today, Warner Bros. accidentally leaked Hitman 2 by posting a logo which could easily be seen on a dark theme. Could this mean that the new release will go back to its conventional campaign routes and be a full game instead?

Both the official Hitman account and WB Games teased that an announcement was imminent that tied into the series, especially with E3 on the horizon.

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