Horwath reacts to Wynne’s conceding the Liberals will lose power

Horwath reacts to Wynne’s conceding the Liberals will lose power

Horwath reacts to Wynne’s conceding the Liberals will lose power

We have a terrific team of local candidates, they deserve your support. "If your concern is that you'll elect me or a Liberal government, that's not going to happen".

But she says that change can not be a majority government for Conservative Doug Ford or the NDP's Andrea Horwath.

On Sunday, Wynne said she is still pushing to represent her riding again. But as the polls painted an increasingly grim picture, she was forced to come to terms with her own waning popularity. "But this news doesn't change the fact that it's always been a change election here in Essex".

"It is a logical next step", she said.

THE CANADIAN PRESS Ontario Liberal Party Leader Kathleen Wynne listen to students at the University of Waterloo during a campaign stop in Waterloo, Ont., on Friday.

"They have seen the results of our 15 years of government with more jobs, a stronger economy and investments in mental health, hospitals and schools, but they simply don't like her".

She declined, however, to endorse either the Tories or the NDP, nor would she comment on the possibility of strategic voting, a perennial issue in elections where voters appear to be clamouring for change.

"We will fight for our values, for a practical approach and for a government that will be kept from extremes and forced toward a better balance for the people of this province".

The move did not sit well with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who accused Wynne of "playing a unsafe game" that could propel the Tories to a majority.

"Her request today for a minority government is a demand that she be allowed to continue to hold the power at Queen's Park - something voters have already rejected", Horwath said in a statement.

It was shocking to see Wynne, with a straight face, say there is equivalent risk to Ontario presented by a Premier Ford and a Premier Horwath. "Let's not go from bad to worse".

Ford's only comment about Wynne's announcement was that Ontarians are exhausted of the Liberals.

Liberal insiders said the party was essentially fighting for its survival.

Liberals say that now their focus is on trying to maintain official party status in the legislature, which requires at least eight seats.

"We need an enduring vision for Sudbury as the cultural and economic hub of the North, and I'm prepared to provide the leadership to deliver on that vision".

A senior Liberal, speaking on condition of anonymity, said "the party is facing an existential crisis". As for regrets, Wynne said: "I wish I could have figured out how to make it clearer to people that I do care, that I want their lives to be better - because I think part of the antipathy, part of the reason that people don't like me - those who don't like me - is that they don't know that I actually do care about them".

But NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Sunday that she would not accept help from the Liberals to prop up an NDP government.

This may only be the second time in Canadian history that a sitting leader of a provincial party has basically admitted she or he is not winning an election they were campaigning in. Who knows. His tax cut will benefit the rich, offering average income people just $18 a year. "We will fix this".

"It's a risky strategy for the Liberals, very much a Hail Mary kind of pass at the late stages of the game", he said.

One Liberal ad running on radio and social media says the NDP's refusal to use back-to-work legislation will lead to "strike after never ending strike" leaving the unions with "everything they want, costing all of us more".

On the verge of tears, the premier said that the Liberals wouldn't be able to form the government after the election and that she wasn't going to pretend it wasn't hard.

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