Hypersonic Plane Could Go From London To Australia In Six Hours

Boeing's concept hypersonic jet could do New York London in two hours

Hypersonic Plane Could Go From London To Australia In Six Hours

But if Boeing has anything to do with it, that may one day be a thing of the past.

Should such an aircraft be created to Mach 5 specifications, it would be able to zoom between London and NY in just an hour (rather than the current standard seven).

Boeing is serious about hypersonic and has been testing ultra-fast technology for decades, Jackson said.

"We're excited about the potential of hypersonic technology to connect the world faster than ever before", Boeing chief hypersonic scientist Kevin Bowcutt was quoted as saying by 9News.

Boeing has revealed a conceptual sketch for a hypersonic passenger plane capable of traveling at speeds of up to Mach 5.

Boeing says the plane, which momentarily doesn't have a name, is supposed to be capable of reaching a speed of up to five times the speed of sound.

While Boeing has been working on hypersonics research since the mid-'50s, the company will still face numerous hurdles before it can actually build this hypersonic jet.

"Developments takes years to complete, and even more so with a technology that requires additional testing and refinement as we work to understand how it might fit into the market place", she said.

While this design specifically is meant to carry passengers at top speeds, a statement from Boeing did leave room for the possibility of other hypersonic designs with commercial or military potential.

Its passenger plane concept may be used by the US military before it ever hits the commercial marketplace.

The company still has many engineering challenges to work through, expecting the first flight to be at least 20-30 years into the future. That translates to about 3,900 miles per hour or a two-hour trip across the Atlantic.

And Elon Musk's rocket startup, SpaceX, has plans to use the spaceship portion of its interplanetary transport system to shuttle people around the globe at unheard of speeds.

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