IHOP announces mysterious name change

IHOP says it will be known as

IHOP announces mysterious name change

IHOP's Twitter account teases it will reveal the answer Monday.

Some commenters said the IHOP name change is a hoax or probably just a publicity stunt. Guesses from followers included "breakfast", "brunch", "bacon", "burritos" and "biscuits", but the restaurant told fans they'd have to wait until June 11 to know for sure.

That's right. It's not a typo, although the company has not disclosed the meaning of the new acronym. However, the company wouldn't confirm this obvious choice.

The International House of Pancakes was founded in Los Angeles in 1958.

Whether it's a joke or a legit name change, people are not happy with this upcoming letter swap.

Last year, the chain closed 23 stores. IHOP's "P", which fittingly stands for pancakes, is being replaced by a 'B'. At least for the next six days, the company will probably keep us wondering while pancake lovers continue to freak out about what the new name will ultimately "b".

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