Instagram now lets you add a soundtrack to your Stories

Instagram music

CREDIT Courtesy of Instagram

Instagram Stories, the short-form video-showcasing sideline on social media platform Instagram, now offers its users a library of licensed music. The Facebook-owned service has certainly broken records over the past few months when it comes to speed of adding new functionality. You can search for a specific song or artist, or browse by genre, mood, and what's popular. Today, there's a new announcement, and it pertains specifically to a new feature on Instagram Stories: music.

Once you've selected a song, a slider tool lets you choose exactly which part of the track you want to play during your Story. Per Instagram's post, there are thousands of songs to select from with more added every day.

Users can also pre-select a song before recording a video, which then plays in the background while the clip is being recorded.

For those unfamiliar, Instagram stories are photo and video posts that disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram went on to explain what users will see when viewing stories: "When your friends are watching your story, they'll hear the song playing as they're viewing your photo or video". Before starting to record a video, users can swipe the new "Music" option on the camera screen right under the record button.

The new 400-million figure dwarfs Snapchat, which said in its Q1 2018 earnings report it has 191 million daily active users overall.

The feature is now available only in a few selected countries and Instagram is working towards launching the feature in more countries.

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