James Wan Producing Remake of Arachnophobia

James Wan

James Wan Producing Arachnophobia Remake

Variety reports that a remake of the horror-comedy is in the works from producer James Wan. Beyond that though, little is known about the new film, as it is in early stages of development with no directors, actors or writers signed on yet. No director is attached, but Wan would be in a producer role rather than directing.

Released in 1990, the original Arachnophobia starred Jeff Daniels as arachnophobe Dr. Ross Jennings and John Goodman as exterminator Delbert McClintock, two of a "few courageous souls" who journey to locate a poisonous queen South American spider that crossed the US border., bred like insane, and became a massive killer. Arachnophobia (which means "fear of spiders") revolved around a newly-discovered type of Venezuelan spider that is transported to a small town in California and begins breeding, giving rise to a new species of giant killer spiders.

Marshall will executive produce the remake.

I personally can't comment much on this news, as I've never seen the original film and there isn't much to go on. Together, the characters must team up to find the original "queen" and destroy her spider-producing nest before the venomous spiders wipe out their entire town. Spielberg is obviously Spielberg and Wan isn't exactly a slouch either.

This is just spitballing on my part here, but maybe Wan's buddy (and fellow DCU director) David F. Sandberg could join in to direct this? Should I check out the original Arachnophobia?

However. Once you consider the evergreen nature of "spiders are scary", then things start to make a lot more sense. James Wan, now finalizing upcoming family tentpole "Aquaman", heads up the producer's committee on the film. Let us know in the comment section below!

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