Lions and tigers break out of zoo cages in western Germany

Residents were warned to stay indoors after two lions and two tigers escaped

Residents were warned to stay indoors after two lions and two tigers escaped from Eifel zoo in Luenebach Credit Alamy

An entire west German town was on lock down after lions, tigers, a bear and a jaguar broke out of a local zoo Friday (June 1). A bear was shot dead, Sky News reported.

Local authorities advised residents to stay inside their homes and call police if they see anything.

Friday's escape comes two years after two lions broke out of their cages at a zoo in Leipzig in eastern Germany.

It is reported that a river overflowed and wore down fences, allowing the risky animals a way out. Police say they are responding the situation but now have no further details. At the zoo, which is located on a riverbank, the water was knee-high.

The zoo is home to around 400 animals, including a Siberian tiger and lions.

Eifel Zoo has nearly 400 animals of 60 exotic and native species, including lions, tigers, and other big cats on its 30-acre site.

Officials are verifying if the fences and cages are secure, said the spokesman. One was shot dead and the other was forced back into its cage, according to the BBC.

The visitor, a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, said that Lyka the lioness had been written off as a "breeding mistake" by the Maasin Zoo in Iloilo, southern Philippines, having gone blind after being born in 2013 with eyesight problems.

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